Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apple pancake

1) Heat your oven to 450 or 425, whatever.

2) Chop up 3ish apples (4 if they're small or you like more apple)

3) Mix in a bowl: 1/2c flour, 2 eggs, a bit of salt, 3/4c dairy liquid (milk, half & half, not-yogurt)

4) Melt some butter (1T+) in a pan, throw the apples in and put some brown sugar in (maybe 1/4 cup, dark or light, I usually use dark because I like it more)

Sautee it all for a while, til the apples are nicely browned.

5) Pour the batter over it, I leave it on the stove for 30 seconds after that. Toss it in the oven, turn down the heat to 425 (if you had it above that) and let it cook for 17 minutes.

6) Take out of oven. Cut into pieces. Wait for it to cool.

7) Eat.

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