Saturday, June 30, 2012

I haven't written anything about food since we moved to NJ...  I feel like I should rectify that.

Today's food news:  (1) picked up the CSA box.  Inside I found chard, 2 enormous heads of garlic, a bunch of onions, 2 zuch (to go with the 6 already in the fridge, MUST do something with them), a bunch of beets (to go with the 4 in the fridge, gah) and...  3 heads of lettuce.

The heads of lettuce are becoming (really, have been for the last few weeks) a problem.  See, the CSA has been giving us 4 heads of lettuce for the past 3 weeks and heads of radiccio and other salad greens. 2 people just don't eat that much lettuce...  I'm trying to look out for the neighbors, offer them lettuce n'stuff.

In looking through the fridge I discovered a 1/2 pint of peas, so I ate them while driving about.  They were from the farmer's market a few weeks ago, so the outsides weren't great, but I opened them up and ate the tasty green goods inside.

It's hot enough here that I'm against cooking, but I've got to do something with the beets.  So, we appear to be at an impasse.  Otherwise, I may or may not have acquired 12 pints of fresh-picked blueberries from a local farm for $20 and eaten 2 pints so far today.

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