Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i forgot that this thing existed

 Okay, so it has been a year and there have been no posts. We have been cooking, I swear. Today, however, I haven't cooked anything, but I wanted to put something here to remind our few intrepid readers that we're here, and maybe we'll even start posting again. 

One of the best meals we had recently was also probably the best wedding food we've ever had. Our dear friends Rochelle and Eli were married in Portland Oregon on November 12 (and they both hyphenated their last names, just like we did! hooray!) - the whole wedding was themed around sustainability and appreciating your community, including its foodways. Their caterer must've gone to the farmers market that day and picked up all of the foods - it tasted incredibly fresh, and was simply prepared to let the ingredients shine.

I don't even remember what all of this is, but it included green salad, gnocchi, mixed greens (maybe some kale, chard, other stuff), a veggie melange of roots and such, and some chicken. and maybe there was soup. and all of the desserts were homemade bundt cakes. and all of the table centerpieces were local produce. we were the parsnip table! over the course of the meal, we liberated veggies from all of the other tables so that there was a giant cornucopia on table parsnip. If all wedding caterers were this locally focused, weddings would be that much more memorable. 

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