Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Home NJ Edition

hello, blog - it has been awhile. it has been so long, in fact, that i'm not sure whether to resurrect this blog or the livejournal, both of which lie dormant. i ended up here largely because this is a kate and tim post rather than a just me post.

empty rental house
so: we bought a house! this is our fourth house. i'm required to live here for at least four years so that we don't once again lose all the money by selling too soon. happily, i really love my job and can see myself staying here for another bunch of years.

it's energizing owning a house. i was so lazy in the rental -- there were tons of things i would've changed about it, but i never felt motivated since i was so unattached to the place. we moved into the new house about a week ago, and i'm compiling lists and curating pinterest boards with projects and ideas.
soon to be coffee cart

new garden
so far today: farmers market for tamales (as usual on saturday, and now a few minutes closer!), go to old house and finish cleaning (plus pot the plant we're leaving for the new tenants), drop off donations at good will, stop by home depot, sand and clean kitchen cart, weed garden. all of that before 2pm! now i'm sitting on the couch watching baseball, waiting for my back to recover enough to go out and work on the garden some more.

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  1. Yay blogging! So funny--- this morning I was just thinking about my own blog and how it's been a long time since I wrote in it. Glad to see an update. Congrats on the new house!!!