Sunday, January 27, 2013

NOLA v 3.0

We're back from our third annual trip to New Orleans. Once again, the food memories are numerous. The standouts were Three Muses for dinner and music and Killer Poboys for veg and carnivore (cash only) lunch options. We returned to favorites like Besh Steakhouse, Central Grocery, Cafe Beignet, and tried out other new places including Root, American Sector and the New Orleans Rum Distillery (where we sampled tasty local rum and went on an informative tour). At some point, I'll get around to writing all of those reviews.

Now that we're back, I need to eat a little healthier for awhile. We bought an exercise bike, so I can hopefully refind a workout routine. I am not a dieter, but I can be more mindful, and not eat my go-to fried rice quite as frequently. Winter makes it tricky, since all I want to eat are comfort foods, but with everything in moderation, I think it'll all be okay.

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