Friday, June 25, 2010

lunch, dinner and more peanut sauce!

I ate the rest of the spring rolls at lunch today.  Good times!  Dinner, well, we wanted something pretty easy and that would include peanut sauce!

Again, not much was local tonight.  The radicchio was from the HPF share last week.  It was a little more bitter than I was expecting (at least the big leaves were so I wanted to take that flavor down a bit).

Basics:  (1) Grilled radicchio salad with apples (the remnants from last night) and basalmic pear dressing.

(2) Some grilled marinated chicken

(3) Asparagus, peppers, potatoes, and carrots grilled after being tossed with a little olive oil.

(4) Rice

Really...  That's about all it was.  

As long as I had the grill on I took a bunch of HPF beets, a couple cloves of garlic, and the last HPF shallot (winter share) wrapped it all in aluminum foil and left the little packet in the back of the grill.  We'll throw them on a salad tomorrow I think.  Lettuce, roasted beets, some nice cheese, maybe some toasted walnuts.  Maybe I'll have a late night snack?  That sounds pretty tasty right now...

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