Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cherries in the notheast? Who knew?!?

I got up at 5:45 this morning, made a cup of tea, ate a biscuit = jam conveyance, and headed over to pick up our friend Anne.

We drove up Rte. 16 to Farmington and headed out to Butternut Farms a massive pick-your-own operation.  We did some strawberries, they have 5 or 6 varieties but all I can discriminate between is, "small" and "big" as berries go.  

Then!  Then!  We got to pick cherries.  They had black gold and raineer picking.  Plus!  Plus! (I often hear my internal voice say this with a Mexican accent when I'm excited*)  Next week they're going to pick 6 trees of sour cherries.  Some people think they're the best pie cherries.  They're small and bright red, Anne declared that they look "poisonous red."   Me, I just think they're good eats and will down a pint in no time.  

Warning:  Butternut has great looking fruit but they do spray.  Besides the morality of eating fruit while you pick you will also want to think of the potential chemistry that still hanging around.  Wash your fruit!

I spent about 10 months living in Mexico and traveling about doing a number of things.  One of the levels of bus service was called Plus! and my traveling companions always thought it a great treat to ride on this level. It had better seats, slightly better air conditioning, and free cookies and soda!  One time I took a bus that had a stewardess, it was teh awesome.  Many, many times I took busses that fit the stereotype.  

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