Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner--Wednesday? Tuesday? Last week...

So, I had a bunch of Zukes lying around taunting me for not eating them and I had just watched an Alton Brown episode on stuffed tomatoes so I though, sure, let's stuff em up.

I took 3 of them, sliced them in half oiled them a bit and tossed them onto the grill since I was busy cooking up some chicken and other veggies.

Hollowed them out and put into them a mixture of red lentils (a miracle food) and some new potatoes.  They were spiked with onion and some curry powder, both hot and mild along with a bunch of salt and pepper.  Along with the guts mix all that up and shove them back into the zuke shells.

On top of that I had some bread crumbs that I'd toasted in some butter and some crumbled ricotta salata (hello Golden Harvest!).  Put it all under the broiler, pay attention and pft!  Good stuff.

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