Thursday, July 1, 2010

CSA-June 30

What's in the share this week?

2 heads of lettuce, 2 bunches of asian greens, 1 tomato (the last few got grilled and turned into salsa, what's in store for this one?), scallions, 3 zukes/squash (with 1,000,000 more to come?), beets!, and a choice of peas.  

Conversation at the pick up says that a bunch of us do the same things with our beets:  roast them, chop them, and mix with nuts and crumbly cheese.  Eat them with things...  Because, well, they're crazy tasty that way.

I'm getting chided for the amount of beet greens in the fridge.  And, we need to make turnip-carrot bread.  Last year chocolate-beet cake went to work one day and the grad students kept playing, "what's the random food in the cake?" with each other.  I'm imagining that game may get played again.

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